Gynaecology Treatment

In our facility, the top gynecologists are in practice. Regardless of the patient's gender identity, a gynecologist treats patients with female reproductive organs. Those medical professionals are obstetricians, a subspecialty of gynecologists that focuses on pregnancy and childbirth. It is recommended that a woman see a gynecologist for an annual exam and if she has any concerns about symptoms such as pelvic, vulvar, or vaginal pain or irregular uterine bleeding. Gynecologists often treat conditions linked to pregnancy, fertility, menstruation, and menopause in addition to problems with the ligaments and muscles supporting the pelvic organs. They also treat conditions connected to family planning, including sterilization, contraception, and pregnancy termination. Sexually transmitted infections, polycystic ovarian syndrome, vulvar and vaginal malignancies, vulvar and vaginal ulcers


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